In International Conferences/Seminars :

Presented research paper at International Seminar on Regional Identities of Jammu and Kashmir with special reference to Dogras, which was titled as ‘’Marathi’s in Dogri Culture: An Inclusive Study”. The seminar was organized by Voice of Dogras, London and Department of History, University of Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir during period 27’th January to 29’th 2017.

In National Conferences/Seminars :

Presented research paper at National Conference on ‘’Education, Employment and Empowerment: Issues and Challenges’’, which was titled as ‘’Role, Relevance and Challenges for Inculcation of Spiritual Values in Educational System of India’’. The conference was organized by Central University of Jammu in association with National Working Group on Employment, New Delhi on 18’th March, 2019

Presented research paper at Two Day National Conference on ‘’Indian Economy: Challenges and Prospects’’, which was titled as ‘’Yavatmal: A Capital of Farmer’s Suicides’’ at New Delhi. This seminar was organized by Centre for Study and Research (CSR), Hydrabad and Council on Economic Research (CER), New Delhi on 3’rd and 4’th March, 2018.

Presented research paper at National Seminar on ‘’ Diversities and Inclusive Education in Indian Scenario: Issues, Challenges and Prospects’’ which was titled as, ‘’Diversity of Students in Jammu and Kashmir: Issues and Implication at Jammu’’. This seminar was organized by P.G. Department of Education, University of Jammu under UGC‐SAP (DRS‐2) on 16’th February, 2018.